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A small investment now could prevent you and your school from taking your eye off the ball and “slipping” in Ofsted terms, leading to more expense in the long run!

Under the Coalition Government schools will have more freedom to provide the most effective learning opportunities for the young people in their care.  How can schools make the most of these exciting opportunities?  It is vital that schools are able to keep that objective view, previously provided through the local authority.  Now schools have the choice as to how they organise this and include it in their evaluation cycles.  

Advisory Management Services provides independent training and consultancy in RAISING ATTAINMENT FOR YOUNG PEOPLE and IMPROVING WELLBEING IN THE EDUCATION COMMUNITY. Together we can reduce inequalities, drive school improvement and enable young people to learn effectively and to their potential.

Advisory Management Services specialises in supporting professionals to develop policy and practice, improve self-evaluation, monitor standards and enhance professional practice.

Advisory Management Services is managed by an experienced head teacher, school adviser and consultant with more than 25 years expertise in education and wellbeing working at school, local and national levels.

Advisory Management Services has supported schools, local authorities, Primary Care Trusts and other clients across the East Midlands, Birmingham, Coventry, Oxfordshire, Milton Keynes and the South East.


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Advisory Management Services

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